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Most of us seem to be very well acquainted with a number of service providers that are into the PC to mobile phone messaging business. However, one of the service providers that has been extremely successful in capturing a good number of hearts is definitely way2sms. Way 2 sms is particularly known for making available to its users a large array of services such as email alerts, facility for sending emails, shooting free smses and so also chatting on gmail as well as Ymessenger contacts. Moreover, way2 sms is known to have a customer base of twenty million registered users. Similarly, statistics state that it has been used for sending round about five hundred million smses in a month. Apart from this, it has been successful in building around three hundred and sixty five million relationships. All said and done, yet another addition to the umbrella of way2sms offerings is its desktop application. Our further discussion will revolve around the way 2sms desktop application.

Desktop Application for way2sms
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For all you people who are unaware let me tell you that the way2sms desktop application is a largely simple application. Moreover, the way2sms desktop software is known to be supported by java and so also is largely portable. Once you download and install this particular application on your desktop, after one simple click on this particular icon you will be in a position to send across sms to your family, friends as well as peers. A good deal of security and dependability is ensured by the its desktop software as it makes sure that each and every request that you make is directly sent to the way2sms’s server. Hence, while disclosing your personal details in order to login to way2sms application and go ahead with the sms sending process you need not worry about your credentials being leaked out as all the safety concerns are aptly taken care of by this particular way2sms software.

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